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Detention Center Paying Off For County


Dear Editor,

As we approach the third anniversary of Valley County’s Detention Center, I would like to share some numbers with our taxpayers, since we are still getting opinions that we should not have built.

The center cost $3.7 million. If Valley County had not built, we would be transporting prisoners at this time, in the same fashion that Custer County is now.

At present Custer County is spending approximately $4,400 a month, or $53,000 per year on transportation costs (not including damages to vehicles while on the road). Add to that the cost of housing prisoners at Valley County, which is approximately $183,000 a year, you have a total of $236,000.

At the same time you are transporting, you must maintain your 72-hour holding facility, which is manned 24/7 at a cost of probably $175,000. So your detention costs to the taxpayers will be over $400,000.

For the year 2013-2014, Valley County has budgeted less that $337,000. Our income revenue from other counties and agencies for housing their prisoners will be over $264,000 this year.

Looking at these numbers, I cannot understand the thinking that we should not have invested in the new center. Not to mention the safety of our personnel both working inside and on the road.

Dave Reinhardt

Valley County Commissioner


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