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By James D. Rector
Letter To The Editor 

Glasgow Parking: Time For Some Action


Dear Editor:

Does Glasgow have a parking problem?

Several years ago, the City Council did away [with] most of the parking restrictions for central business district when they removed the parking meters and all the associated hassle. Generally speaking with a few minor exceptions, it has worked reasonably well. Most people have enough common courtesy not to park in front of businesses for extended periods of time.

The employers and the people who work in the central business district do not park on the street. However, as of late that has changed.

People are now using on-street parking for extended periods of time. This week we have had a pickup and a U-Haul truck with a trailer attached parked in front of my business and several others for the entire week. I would venture to guess there is not another city on the planet that would allow for overnight parking, much less week-long parking in their central business district. In most jurisdictions, the vehicles would be impounded after a few hours and hauled away.

On Second Avenue South, several of the businesses have posted signs in their windows requesting persons not to park for extended periods of time in front of their business. It is time for some action. I would request that the City Council adopt some parking restrictions for the central business district and my suggestion would be two-hour maximum parking time. It is extremely difficult for customers, including the elderly, to access the stores and business in the central business district when we have people using them as extended parking lots.

This is not the first time we have had vehicles being left on the street for several days in a row. This winter it is almost a weekly occurrence when we have two, three, or up to five vehicles being parked on the street for three to five days in a row. I think it is time for some action.

James D. Rector



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