By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

The Day The Roxie Died


A recent picture in The Courier featured the fire at the Roxy Theatre. How many of you remember that fire?

It consumed a good portion of Glasgow businesses on 2nd Avenue South, as well as the north side of 5th Street. I vaguely remember lots of smoke and fire hoses running down and across streets that were filled with lots of runoff water.

What could I have been doing there? Does anyone remember what day of the week that happened? I think that every available male helped with the firefighting efforts.

Not only the Roxy was doomed. Other businesses lost were The Hub Bar, Hall Drug, Shipp’s Café and several others. Was there also a Crystal Bar, and, if so, where was it located?

The old First National Bank building may have suffered smoke and water damage, but structurally looks pretty much now as most of us remember it looking back then.

What devastation! Now, I can imagine the weeks of cleanup, the stress of deciding to rebuild, relocate, or call it quits, but then it was just a lot of excitement. Maybe the thing for all of us to remember is that it could happen again.

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