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The Courier 

Erickson Takes The Mayor's Seat


Bonnie Davidson / The Courier

Becky Erickson was sworn in as the new mayor of Glasgow on January 6, 2014.

Resigning one seat to take the mayor seat in Glasgow came with a quick raise of the hand and the swearing of an oath. Becky Erickson has now officially taken the title of mayor for the New Year.

The regular city council meeting that took place on Monday, Jan. 6, was packed full of friends and family ready to witness the new positions filled. Erickson began the meeting by resigning her seat on city council and immediately took the oath of office.

Erickson then administered the oath of office to newcomer Stan Ozark, Melanie Sorensen and Dan Carr. The following recommendation came to place Nanci Schoenfelder in Erickson's empty council seat. Schoenfelder was voted in by the council to fill the slot for the remaining term until Dec. 31, 2015.

The city court clerk position was also filled after a recommendation to hire Jennifer Fuller, who will replace Lynn Gilbert, who now sits in the city judge position. Dan Durell was also appointed to the refuse board for a term of three years, which will go until Jan. 7, 2016.

In other business, amendments for changes in plots in a few locations that have been causing problems were reviewed for approval. One of the property owners asked that a $115 bill from the city be waived after putting in $1,500 for the land survey and filing fees. The discussion was moved to the following city council meeting so it could be added to the agenda.

Former mayor Dan Carney updated the city council on the situation with the Levee. He explained that a safety plan was coming together and several trees had been cleared.

He added that they are working on a proposal to move a portion of the Levee to get away from landowners. The old dike will not be torn down in the proposal. The Levee Safety Committee hopes to have the proposal to the Corps of Engineers. They hope to have much of the work needed to be done, finished by late May or early June.

The police department let the city council know that its grant for bulletproof vests fell through the cracks. The force was given a short amount of time to order vests, seven days to be exact. Council was told that without enough time to go through the proper process, the grant was lost.

They have hopes to follow through with the grant again next year.


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