By Dolores Matuska
Guest Opinion 

Some Of The Most Generous People

They Live Here, Helping Folks Near And Far


St. Raphael’s Parish Council of Catholic Women and the youth of our parish commend the Glasgow community for its tremendous support of our spring and fall rummage sales.

The donations of clothing and household items have grown each year and have allowed us to donate to other charitable causes.

Besides being able to help our youth fund their mission work, both in Glasgow and out of state, we provided clothing to people in the Philippines, an orphanage in Haiti, the St. LeBrea school for Native American children, the veteran’s project held in Poplar this year, and some items that went to the Soroptimist Thrift Store.

We also collected many items used for a baby kit project that our ladies do in partnership with the Lutheran Church. Anything that is left is given to a recycler from Laurel, who picks up what is left. This avoids anything going to the landfill.

Last November we asked you to donate winter coats, boots, gloves and hats for us to give away to those who needed them. On a Saturday morning in November, we opened the gym and gave away over 300 items. The 100 items that were left went to a Native American resource in Wolf Point, and we kept enough to help transients and people in need during our harsh Montana winter.

We are a land of plenty and the people of Glasgow are some of the most generous when it comes to helping those less fortunate. To those people who donated items, may God bless each of you.

Dolores Matuska of Glasgow is vice president of the St. Raphael’s Parish Council of Catholic Women.


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