By Sandy Laumeyer
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Good People: You Can't Miss Them In Valley County


One of the stories this past week that has gained so much attention is the action of a 19-year-old worker in a fast food restaurant. The young man noticed a $20 bill falling out of the pocket of a blind customer and the lady behind the customer picking up and pocketing the money. When asked to return the money, the lady denied she’d picked it up.

The restaurant employee proceeded to tell the woman she could leave the premises as he would not serve her. He then took $20 out of his pocket and gave it to the blind customer. When asked about what he did, his reply was, “I just did what was right.”

A comment from a person reading the story stated how great it is to know there are still good people around.

That person should live in this area.

After returning home from having major surgery, a family member or friend was at my door bringing supper every day for three weeks. They made sure they brought enough so that I’d have lunch the next day as well.

I’ve attended and donated to benefits for people facing catastrophic medical expenses and for helping terminally ill children. Benefits that have raised thousands of dollars.

The Valley County Relay for Life raises money not only for cancer research but also for those diagnosed with cancer.

The barbecue meals and dances for the volunteer fire departments are always well attended. The money raised to help maintain their equipment and purchase new equipment when needed is nothing less than amazing.

When my husband could not do spring seeding due to his major surgery, our neighbors came with their tractors and drills and seeded our entire crop. Friends of our sons brought their horses and moved part of our cattle to summer range. A couple of fellows who had a trucking business donated their time and trucks to move the rest of the herd to summer pasture in a different area.

Losing a house and all it contains to fire is devastating. Before you know it, a benefit has been arranged for the family within a few days. Soon they have most everything they need for their new house.

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend three weeks in England a few years ago. People there would ask me what the town is like where I live. I would tell them although it’s a town, it’s really more like an overgrown family where everyone watches out for everyone else. They would then say, “How lucky you are to live in such a place.”

And they are so right. I am very lucky to live in an area where compassion and concern for others is the norm.

In reply to the person who said it is great to know there are still good people around, I would say, “Come to Valley County and you can see good people doing good things for others everyday.”

Sandy Laumeyer is The Courier's Nashua correspondent and the Montana Newspaper Association's 2012 first place columnist in Division 2.


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