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By Letter To The Editor
Richard Barnard 

No, No, No: Saco Shooting Range Closed


Dear Editor:

I am shocked and disappointed, by the events that have occurred at the shooting range south of Saco. It is evident that a person or persons unknown, do not understand the meaning of the word “no,” such as:

“No” jacketed bullets shot at our hard targets, but you went and shot them to pieces, anyway.

“No” driving off of the roads, but you went and spun brodies out in the grass, anyway.

“No” longer open to the public, but you went and shot and pried our locks off, anyway.

The last one says it’s obvious that you think you have a “right” to go wherever and do whatever you please. Well, you are sadly mistaken. Your “rights” end where the “rights” of others begin! Constitutional Law 101!

Now you’re mad at us. Well, we are mad at you, too, and so is the landowner. That’s right, the range is on private land. If you are not the landowner, his employee, member of the gun club, and or, his/her guest, or have permission from the landowner, you are trespassing. Statutory Law 101!

The items listed above, among other things, caused us to close the range. The range being open was a privilege, extended to the public that you abused and, therefore, lost for everyone who is not a member. I hope, but seriously doubt, you are ashamed of your self. People like you seldom are.

To say that I am angry is an understatement! The things that have been done at our range are totally disgusting, and it is one of the reasons why so many people are antigun. You should think about that the next time you decide to shoot something you shouldn’t, but I seriously doubt you will.

Richard Barnard

Vice President

Saco Shootist Society


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