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What's New At The Pioneer Museum?


Well, I’m not sure what all is new. However, I can tell you what is new at the Pioneer Museum in Glasgow right now.

For the next month or so a special attraction will be the William Standing Art Collection which is on display for all of you to visit. William Standing done wonderful work – some with a great sense of humor.

Also on loan at this time from Gene Etchart is the bullet that killed the Pigeon Toed Kid when he was shot by Hugh Calderwood, a Deputy Sheriff. This was in the days before this corner of Montana had been tamed. The Pigeon Toed Kid was part of a gang of horse rustlers working out of Canada along the Montana border. The horses they stole were then taken to North Dakota to sell. If you wish to read more about this interesting character you will find the story of Hugh Calderwood in “Footprints In The Valley.”

Also as you come and go from the Pioneer Museum, please be sure to check the vestibule where you will find an area that will be used for rotating exhibits. The reason for rotating exhibits is that all the artifacts available to use cannot be displayed at once. There is not enough room. So by rotating them they all get some exposure. Right now they are emphasizing Mother’s Day and Father’s Day at the Museum. It would be a wonderful way to celebrate your Father’s Day or any time.

To help you check out all of the new things at the museum, as well as the old, the Friends Of The Pioneer Museum is hosting an open house on June 9 beginning at 1 p.m. and ending at 5 p.m. This would be a wonderful opportunity to visit and see “what’s new” at your museum. The coffee pot will be on and the goodies will be waiting. Bring your family and friends and spend a wonderful afternoon visiting. We look forward to seeing you.


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