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By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Tales From The Drive-In


Do you remember going to drive-in movies?

I remember when going to the drive-in was a big thing. They started in my life when I was in my grade school years. The thing I remember most from during that time was intermission between movies. My dad always commented that the only reason we girls wanted to go to the movies was so we could go to the concession stand for popcorn.

Then there were the teen years. How many could you get in the car for $1.00 night? I seem to remember that some kids went to the movies in the trunk of the car. (Of course, car trunks were much roomier then.)

On really nice nights, you sat outside the car and watched the movie under the stars. How many of you forgot the speaker and drove off with it attached to your window? Glasgow later had the luxury of having two drive-ins. You could catch a different movie both nights of the week-end.


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