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Newspaper Archives Get A New Home

I am pleased to announce that more than a century of Valley County History is now available for public perusal at the Valley County Pioneer Museum. After the original Courier building was damaged beyo... Full story


Letters to the Editor For Oct. 20, 21

IRS Seeks Approval to Snoop There is an ongoing battle regarding the $3.5 trillion reconciliation plan proposed by the Biden Administration, which includes a provision that would require financial... Full story


OP-ED: Working to Protect Montanans from Democrats' Tax and Spend Spree

Democrats, led by President Biden, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi, are rushing a reckless $3.5 trillion tax and spending spree bill through Congress that would reshape the very... Full story


OP-ED: Will Senator Tester Vote to Impose Critical Race Theory on Montana's Children?

Montanans overwhelmingly reject Critical Race Theory in our classrooms. Since Brown v. Board of Education, we’ve worked to live up to our founding ideals and we hold true to the principle of equal treatment for every student. President Biden’s... Full story


You Might Be a Terrorist

Speak your mind and be heard. But, do it politely - lest the feds label you as a "domestic terrorist." To whom am I speaking? Why any parent who attends a school board meeting in these United States a... Full story


OP-ED: Help Wanted - The Labor Shoe is on the Other Foot

"I’m a small business owner," someone identified as "Andy" writes to syndicated advice columnists J.T. and Dale, "and I can’t believe how many people just don’t want to work anymore. ... my business is suffering, because I can’t get... Full story


OP-ED: How to Slash Americans' Electricity Bills

Whenever you hear about America's electricity system these days, it's usually some big problem that has captured the public's attention. There are examples of energy companies operating inefficiently, such as ratepayers having to foot the bill for... Full story


OP-ED: What "everyday low prices" can teach us about health care

"Everyday low prices" are coming to health care. Walmart recently launched its own analog insulin, a synthetic form of the hormone that's genetically modified to be released rapidly or slowly, depending on a person's needs. It will be manufactured... Full story

 By Bob Brown    Opinion    October 13, 2021

OP-ED: Abortion at a Crossroads

Pregnancies and human life are older than recorded time, and so, it follows, are abortions. The procedures by which abortions have been conducted, however, have only very recently in human history been recognized in law and made safe by regulations.... Full story


Valley County Welcomes Military for Training

St. Marie residents last week woke up to a movie scene straight out of "Red Dawn" as paratroopers descended from the skies during exercises at the old Glasgow Air Force Base facility. No, it wasn't... Full story


OP-ED: Military Vaccine Mandate - A Teachable Moment

On Aug. 25, two days after the US Food and Drug Administration fully approved the Pfizer-Biontech COVID-19 vaccine, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin ordered "full vaccination of all members of the Armed Forces." Cue outrage and objection. Some... Full story


OP-ED: Republicans are Failing on Workforce Housing

This summer, I heard from small business owners about how Montana’s lack of housing is holding back our economy. It’s a story I keep hearing, that Main Street wants to hire, and Montanans want to go where the jobs are, but they can’t find a... Full story

 By GREG HERTZ    Opinion    October 6, 2021

OP-ED: Corporate Tax

This month, U.S. Senators began the markup of Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget resolution package. This rubber-meets-road moment seems to have given pause to some in their party whose votes will be needed to get a bill through Congress and across... Full story


OP-ED: Libertarianism - No Infantile Disorder

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat could use a refresher on Freudo-Marxist psychiatrists. Douthat chides libertarians — or at least “the kind of libertarian who identifies forever with his 13-year-old self” — for taking a laissez-faire... Full story


OP-ED: "It Can't Happen Here," Down Under Edition

Clever tweets tend to morph in content and meaning over time. I don't know where this one originated, and I've edited it to taste as people will do with such things, but I'm sure you'll get where it's going: "It's just 15 days to flatten the curve.... Full story


OP-ED: I never have - and never will - sell your public lands

The fourth Saturday in September marks a national day of recognition for two things Montanans already value every day: National Public Lands Day and National Hunting and Fishing Day. As Montanans, hunting, fishing and access to public lands is part... Full story

 By Amy Lea    Opinion    September 29, 2021

OP-ED: SBA continues to support small business growth in rural America

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of people have moved to rural America seeking to establish a livelihood fueled by entrepreneurship. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, in July 2020 alone more than 550,000 new... Full story


OP-ED: The Verdict is in. APR'S Reserve Plan is About to Hit Major Headwinds

Despite APR’s Pete Geddes’ 9-15- 2021 opinion piece in the Lewistown News Argus that proclaimed everything is going swimmingly for APR, CEO Alison Fox told APR’s membership in a September 2021 email that APR is changing its name and logo to... Full story


Immigrate the Right Way

Throughout its short history, these United States have been the go to place for immigrants the world over. Most of us here today are either immigrants ourselves, or the progeny of immigrants. Native... Full story


Alive at Five, and Tall Weeds

I am writing to thank the Downtown Association for hosting the Alive at Five. Even though [the most recent] one was not very well attended, it was a nice time. To those of you that didn't attend, you... Full story


OP-ED: A community of few... Broken Windows

Imagine seeing an old dilapidated house. The paint is flaking off; exposing the bare wood siding to the elements. Its gutters are falling off random parts of the roof and the blinds behind the broken... Full story


OP-ED: Masking Taking Toll On Kids' Mental Health

The Montana Nurses Association has referred to the recent emergency rule from Montana DPHHS regarding not masking in school as "promotion of junk science." One might be wise to use caution as well as... Full story


OP-ED: COVID-19, Technocracy Flowered, and Failed

History is littered with social and political movements which, while failing to survive as movements, largely achieved their goals. The Prohibition Party's national conventions could take place in a p... Full story


To hell with conformity

Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is "not about freedom or personal choice," President Joe Biden said during a Sept. 9 speech about the pandemic. During the prepared remarks, Biden announced Draconian... Full story


Remember 9-11

We must remember that there are many who were not here 20-years-ago when the terrorists flew planes into the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and almost hit the U.S. Capitol. The horrors of that day must... Full story


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