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OP-ED: Pope Francis States the Obvious, but Omits Half of Humanity

The United Nations designates February 6 of each year as an "International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation." This year, in remarks accompanying his Angelus prayer before a crowd at St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis denounced the... Full story


OP-ED: Photo ID to Vote? Well, OK, But ...

One perennial proposal in the ongoing "fight" (actually more a set of dueling theatrical productions a la professional wrestling) over "election integrity" is a requirement that voters produce official, government-issued identification documents,... Full story


OP-ED: Collins Emails Spotlight Bureaucracy's Attempted Subjugation of Science

On December 17, the US House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis released a series of emails between outgoing National Institute of Health Director Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious... Full story


OP-ED: Six decades later, America's headlines could remain in "America."

Memorials to Stephen Sondheim didn't have to search far to find parallels between the musical West Side Story and a United States disunited by class and ethnic strife in 2021. Sondheim's lyrics "Everywhere Grime in America, Terrible Time in America"... Full story


OP-ED: For Christmas, How About an End to the War on Marijuana?

You've seen the headlines. So Have I. For example, a November 23 story in my local paper (the Gainesville, Florida Sun) : "Gainesville man charged with murder for Sunday shooting in dispute over... Full story


OP-ED: When Giving Thanks, Don't Forget Your Local Paper

As Thanksgiving approaches, I usually take a little time to think about who and what I'm thankful for and express my. That seems to be the point, after all. This year, for various reasons, my thoughts and appreciation turn toward journalists,...



On November 9, DC District Court judge Tanya Chutkan refused former US president Donald Trump's request, based on "executive privilege," for a preliminary injunction forbidding the National Archives and Records Administration to release documents to... Full story


OP-ED: When Our Politicians Buy Never-Ending War, We Get What They Make Us Pay For

In 1954, Congress passed, and President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed, a bill transforming Armistice Day — November 11, a post-World-War One celebration of peace — into Veterans Day, a celebration of warriors. Personally, I stick to the original na... Full story


OP-ED: When It Comes to Legislation, Reading Should Be Fundamental

"Congress is gradually moving toward having only one bill per year," former congressman Justin Amash (L-MI) tweeted recently. And that bill will have "everything stuffed into it, negotiated by just a few congressional leaders, completely behind... Full story


OP-ED: Political Power is the Problem, Not the Solution

President Joe Biden wants the Occupational Safety & Health Administration to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for all workers at companies with more than 100 employees. Local governments from sea to shining sea, including those of New York City and San... Full story


OP-ED: Help Wanted - The Labor Shoe is on the Other Foot

"I’m a small business owner," someone identified as "Andy" writes to syndicated advice columnists J.T. and Dale, "and I can’t believe how many people just don’t want to work anymore. ... my business is suffering, because I can’t get... Full story


OP-ED: Military Vaccine Mandate - A Teachable Moment

On Aug. 25, two days after the US Food and Drug Administration fully approved the Pfizer-Biontech COVID-19 vaccine, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin ordered "full vaccination of all members of the Armed Forces." Cue outrage and objection. Some... Full story


OP-ED: "It Can't Happen Here," Down Under Edition

Clever tweets tend to morph in content and meaning over time. I don't know where this one originated, and I've edited it to taste as people will do with such things, but I'm sure you'll get where it's going: "It's just 15 days to flatten the curve.... Full story


OP-ED: COVID-19, Technocracy Flowered, and Failed

History is littered with social and political movements which, while failing to survive as movements, largely achieved their goals. The Prohibition Party's national conventions could take place in a p... Full story


OP-ED: Biden's Vaccine Mandate Isn't About COVID-19

"We've been patient, but our patience is wearing thin," US President Joe Biden said on Sept. 9 as he announced his plan to require more than 80 million private sector American workers to consent... Full story


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