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  • Transplant's Take

    Tanja Fransen, Glasgow|Jul 11, 2018

    Dear Editor, Intolerance. The Holocaust. Wars. Terrorism. It was a common theme when I saw the Holocaust Museum recently (not just Jewish faith, but those who were gay, mentally/physically ill, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc). When I went to Arlington National Cemetery, it seemed almost ironic that the Confederate and Union Soldiers were buried on the same knoll. There are even slaves buried there. Death is the great equalizer, and none of us get out alive. I went to the Newseum which documented intolerance in great detail, starting hundreds of y...

  • NWS Reminder on Ice Jam Season

    Tanja Fransen, For the Courier|Mar 14, 2018

    Temperatures will be warming up in the Upper Yellowstone and Upper Musselshell River basins with readings in the fifties to lower sixties by mid-week. That will allow tributaries to start sending water and ice into the main stem rivers. Generally, it takes about five to ten days to evacuate ice out from the Billings area all the way through the Lower Yellowstone River. Things will take a little longer in the Milk and Poplar River basins as temperatures are not as warm, but it won’t be too far behind the other two. Two-thirds of Montana’s ice ja... Full story

  • Concerns About Wireless Alerts

    Tanja Fransen, For The Courier|Mar 2, 2016

    With the recent occurrence of an Amber Alert there have been several concerns that alerts did not reach mobile phones across several counties in northeast Montana. Some phones were not alerted because the option for Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs) were turned off on individual’s mobile phones while others who had the service turned on still did not get the notification. While the dissemination process for WEAs continues to be improved, there are a few important things about Wireless Emergency Alerts to learn for not only the next Amber Alert,... Full story

  • Montana Winter Weather Awareness Week Is October 5-9

    Tanja Fransen, National Weather Service, Glasgow|Oct 7, 2015

    Each year in the United States, there are an average of 7,100 weather related vehicle fatalities, accounting for 24 percent of all vehicle fatalities. This is more than all other weather related deaths combined. Winter storms also claim dozens of lives in non-vehicle related accidents, and cause hundreds of millions in damages and resources to handle the snow event. In Montana, cold weather exposure and automobile accidents are the main causes of winter weather related deaths. Now is the time to make sure you are ready for winter weather....

  • Air Quality Update from the National Weather Service

    Tanja Fransen, National Weather Service, Glasgow|Jul 8, 2015

    July 7, 2015 We at the NWS are anticipating this smoke will continue on and off with different levels of severity for several weeks at least. In coordination with the public health officials, we will be using a 3-mile visibility or lower criteria for issuing highlights on our social media (Facebook and Twitter are viewable without an account). At one mile or less we will issue a Dense Smoke Advisory. While those who have asthma and COPD and other lung issues may see issues well before we get to 3 miles, this is where the general public may star...

  • Smoky Weather Explained

    Tanja Fransen, National Weather Service, Glasgow|Jul 1, 2015

    Smoky Air moved into Northeast Montana Monday Evening We’ve had a lot of calls about the smoke. Here are some updates on the source and movement of the air, and potential health concerns: The fire source region is in the boreal forest of northern Saskatchewan, Alberta and Northwest Territories. There are multiple fires burning, with acreage as of June 29 at 148,000 acres or 231 square miles. Air quality at the two eastern Montana stations in Malta and near Sidney is “Hazardous” according to the sensors that MT DEQ has there. This is the first...

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