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  • Rolling Dice on Korea

    James Shipman, Valley County Voices|Mar 14, 2018

    In a surprise twist on Thursday, President Donald Trump agreed to a meeting with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. If the meeting takes place it would be the first ever between a sitting president and the leader of North Korea. Pyongyang has long sought a summit with the US to reflect what the regime sees as its status as an equal on the geopolitical stage. This is a big gamble for our President. Between Trump’s history of bungling other diplomatic relations and North Korea’s history of backing out of promises, this meeting has huge risks. Huge...

  • Regulating Weapons

    James Shipman, Valley County Voices|Feb 28, 2018

    We are long past due on an actual discussion on gun control. In what seems like a now all-too-common scenario, our nation was rocked by another mass shooting. On February 14, 2018, a 19-year-old former student walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, armed with an AR-15, and killed seventeen people and hospitalized fourteen others. This marks one of the deadliest school shootings to date. And yet nothing seems to be done about it. Instead, the conversation is steered away from gun control in an attempt to distract the public from...

  • The President's Priorities

    James Shipman, Valley County Voices|Feb 14, 2018

    A week after President Trump signed a two-year budget deal, the White House released a new Trumpian budget proposal to Congress to highlight the President's priorities. His $4.4 trillion budget proposal stands against many of the promises made before the election and seems to be a "manifesto against the poor." It boasts even more military spending ballooning their budget beyond the point of absurdity. All the while cutting social programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Medicare. And despite all the drastic cuts,...

  • Money and Elections

    James Shipman, Valley County Voices|Feb 7, 2018

    There are many issues in the country to be addressed. Whether your issue is healthcare, climate change, education, or any others, chances are the root problem is the disproportional influence of money in our political system. This stems from the Supreme Court decisions of Buckley v Valeo and Citizen's United v FEC. These two rulings by the court have opened up the floodgates for corporate money to buy our politicians. And this is not a partisan issue. An overwhelming majority of the country reject the current system and have expressed the need...

  • Carney Runs for Commissioner

    James Shipman, For the Courier|Jan 31, 2018

    Editor’s note: The most recent addition to the list of candidates for Valley County Commissioner is Jim Uphaus. Check back for more candidate profiles in coming weeks. We have another newcomer to local politics. His name is Mike Carney. As former business owner and Boy Scout of America volunteer, Carney is looking to take a new direction in life by running for the Valley County Commissioner seat. Anyone that knows him, knows they can call him anytime they need a hand. Even though he has zero experience in public office, Carney says he is r... Full story

  • A Few Tests for Tester

    James Shipman, Valley County Voices|Jan 31, 2018

    The election cycle is picking up steam and campaigning is well underway. While it is important to pay attention to what each candidate has said, it is also important to look at what each candidate has done. This proves more true for an incumbent candidate like Jon Tester. As one of our state's senators, he has a large presence on the national scale for Montana. Has he truly fought for what is in the best interest of Montana and its citizens? What are his plans moving forward for our state and our nation? And most importantly, is he really the...

  • Gordon to Challenge Carney, Clampitt

    James Shipman, For the Courier|Jan 24, 2018

    Editor’s note: New additions to the list of individuals filing for county office include Ruth Dowell for Clerk and Recorder and incumbent Christina Hillman for Justice of the Peace.The filing deadline for all open positions is March 12. Arlie Gordon has filed for the open county commissioner position, joining current county planner Renee Clampitt and Mike Carney in the race. I met with Gordon over a cup of coffee last week to learn a bit about him. With a throaty and deliberate tone, he began to divulge his story. Born in Wolf Point and r... Full story

  • County Filings, Open Positions

    James Shipman, Valley County Voices|Jan 17, 2018

    Government may seem like a dirty word around here. And with so much turmoil in today's politics, it can seem like it is too much to keep up with. Even if you have given up on our national government, don't forget about your state and local elections. These elections aren't as exciting as the national ones, but in many ways, they are more important. These offices have a direct impact on our lives and are vital to the smooth operation of our cities and counties. Jan. 11 was the first day to file for a nomination and the first round of paperwork f...

  • Glasgow's Chili Masters Fire It Up

    James Shipman, For the Courier|Jan 10, 2018

    With winter upon us, the Elk's Lodge 1922 turned up the heat at their first annual chili cook-off on Jan. 6. Seven local teams of veterans and rookies came together to showcase their skills in hopes of winning the cash prize. With an entry fee of $25, each team was given three hours to cook their masterpieces and present it to the judges. Cooking began at 1 p.m. and judging started at 4 p.m. Once the cooking started, it didn't take long for the room to fill with the aroma of onions, peppers and... Full story

  • Trump's Gift

    James Shipman, Valley County Voices|Jan 3, 2018

    After nearly a year in office, Donald Trump has finally achieved his first legislative victory. Just three days before Christmas, President Trump signed the Tax Cut and Jobs Act into law. He describes it as a “big, beautiful Christmas gift” to the American people. Trump and Republicans claim this overhaul will put more money back into the pockets of ordinary Americans, stimulate growth, and create jobs. Which is a bold statement, especially since numerous analyses show that the legislation will ultimately raise taxes on millions in the mid...

  • A Wave of Courage

    James Shipman, Valley County Voices|Dec 20, 2017

    A wave of courage is sweeping the nation. Men and women from all walks of life have been coming forward to combat sexual misconduct. Media figures like Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly, and Harvey Weinstein have fallen from grace. Even beloved celebrities like Bill Cosby, Louis C.K., and Kevin Spacey have been targeted. And now, our politicians are under fire. Congressmen, candidates, and even the President are among the accused. Sexual misconduct seems far too common and must not be tolerated, from anyone. For too long, people with positions of powe...

  • Net Neutrality, Why It Matters

    James Shipman, Valley County Voices|Dec 6, 2017

    The internet as we know it is in danger. Ajit Pai, chairman of the FCC and former lawyer for Verizon, seeks to end net neutrality regulations. On Dec. 14, the FCC will vote on Ajit Pai’s proposal to end rules classifying the internet as a utility. However, many of Americans are unaware of these regulations and how they benefit from them. If we intend to keep the internet as it is, we must first know what net neutrality even is. We must know the main argument against net neutrality and most importantly, why it is important. Net neutrality, or op...