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  • Support for VV

    Howard Pippin, Letter To the Editor|Dec 30, 2015

    I would like to express support for the letters and opinions that have been expressed by Mr. Vaupel in your papers. I don’t have to always agree with him to enjoy a different view. Please encourage him to resume, I understand he has stopped. I think it’s sad when political correctness makes one spend so much time to defend their statements that are not derogatory but just a different outlook. Is it wrong to call a spade a shovel? We know abortion is murder. Do we need to discuss as to what degree? – Howard Pippin Saco...

  • Letter To The Editor

    Howard Pippin|Apr 29, 2015

    Dear Editor, This is an open letter to those who like to use the Saco shooting range that is operated by the Saco Shootist Society. This is a private shooting range that is operated on private land that is owned by the 1st Creek Ranch of Saco. They have been very gracious to us and in turn we attempt to pickup scattered boards and used targets. We have been vandalized a couple of times, but only once were we forced to lock it up due to misuse and vandalism. It is our job, as members, to keep the property cleaned up and the gates in good shape...

  • A Letter To Ranchers On Hunters, Buffalo

    Howard Pippin, Letter To the Editor|Nov 6, 2013

    Dear Editor: This is an open letter to all of the ranchers and farmers that have posted their land for no hunting or trespassing in opposition to the Fish Wildlife and Parks wanting to bring Buffalo in for a game animal. I know you have done this to prove a point, and there are hunters from outside our state and area that would like to see buffalo on your land, but in your rush to judgment you also have excluded those hunters who are your friends and also attended the stop-buffalo meetings and wrote letters to protest the buffalo. Surely you...

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