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Dave Reinhardt 

Valley View Home - Letter to the Editor


August 23, 2017

I’m voting No. I see signs all over Glasgow saying, “Vote Yes." We all agree that we need to keep Valley View Home, which is a private non-governmental institution. I’m voting no because of all the proverbial “elephants in the room.” First and most important, the person living in a $300,000 house, making $100,000 per year will pay 50 bucks! Anyone involved in agriculture out in the country (young or old), maybe living in a house built by their grandfather, will be paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Many are already maxed out trying to pay their bills. We need a plan where everyone pays comparably. Not only the ag people, but business and property owners are hit. One local businessman is already paying $20,000 taxes and remember you lucky folks in the Glasgow School District are paying for a new school already.  Let's not forget our Governor, who stole $10,000,000 out of Medicade  funding for his infrastructure program. Another elephant gets right down to home.  How many folks do you know that had more than enough money to pay for long term care that gave everything to their kids so that you and I, the taxpayers could support them for the rest of their lives? This is greedy, shameful and immoral. As a parting shot, if this passes the Glasgow Pool people will be coming next. Washington and Jefferson understood that when people realize they can vote for other people's money, our country will end.  What will be next?

-Dave Reinhardt


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