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By Dorothy Jackson
Former HLRC Resident 

Letter to the Editor


On Board

Members and Bobbleheads

I know a little bit about boards...

There’s the wood kind – a board, a slice of a tree. Then there’s a hole made with a bit or an auger, bored holes; bored people, like some 9th graders in algebra class; and finally, there are church boards or councils, boards for non-profit organizations like some hospitals, charitable foundations, and nursing homes. Oh, how could I forget the school board? They signed my contracts and checks and hired the boss (the superintendent) as well as my colleagues.

I felt I needed to learn more about the function of a board of directors like the one at HLRC after I was told we, the public shouldn’t be too hard on the board at HLRC because they serve voluntarily.

If you serve voluntarily, that means you CHOSE to serve. When you agreed to serve, you, I presume, agreed to commit yourselves to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors. Why else would anyone choose to be a member of a group of individuals charged with the task of governing the operations of an organization, as well as oversee the administration and financial operations of the non-profit you serve? Nowhere in my search on the internet did I find where a board is required to take Management’s word as gospel.

I believe a board is the liaison between the public and administration or management. It’s a checks and balances thing; a way to make sure contributions are used wisely. It’s a way to get “more bang for the buck.”

Don’t be a “Bobblehead.” You’re all capable. Do your research. Govern. Keep the public informed. Question. Speak out. Entertain ideas from the community. Don’t be so secretive. Carry out your duties and responsibilities. You CAN turn this ship around and I believe you WILL.

You will as long as you care about HLRC, its residents and the community it serves. It might be your home one day. HLRC needs your knowledge, expertise, and drive that got you where you are in your private lives today. Make your community proud and thank you for your service.

Google “Responsibilities of a member of a Board of Directors for non-profit organizations.”

My favorite board? The SMORGASBORD, of course! You betcha!

-Dorothy M. Johnson,

Former HLRC Resident


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