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By Virgil Vaupel
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Stupid Question, Convoluted Answer


Today’s question of the day in the Great Falls Tribune was really stupid. Shows someone didn’t do any research.

The question was (paraphrased): “Will the aging work force hurt manufacturing in the United States?” Yikes!

If you take the time to question most employers, you will find that us more “ripened” people are far more reliable than the thirty-somethings, many of whom feel that the $26,000+ (in Montana) they can “earn” on welfare far supersedes working for a living.

Older folks know the value of working for their money and most abhor the thought of drawing any type of welfare. Most senior citizens do not show up for work in T-shirts and jeans with holes in them. Most seniors don’t show up for work with multiple facial piercings and tattoos. Most seniors will thank you when receiving your money at the cash register and not just dismiss you with a “ there ya’ go bub,” or my very unfavorite, “have a nice day.”

The senior citizens I know absolutely hate the idea of having to make a lame excuse for being late for work, so they are on time. They don’t show up with booze-breath.

A friend of mine has a fencing company. His work takes him out to the remote places in Montana. He put out a call for workers and here’s a description of one young man, who showed up to build fence 40 miles from town, building with barbed wire and in rattlesnake territory. His entire attire consisted of cargo shorts, a tank top, T-shirt and ... flip-flops. You heard me right ... shower shoes ... flip-flops! To build fence in very rough terrain filled with cactus and other sharp stick-you things. Gadzooks!

As for manufacturing. First off we have to get manufacturing back into the United States instead of sending it all to those “poor, oppressed” developing countries so they can pay their people $.50 an hour top wages.

Obama has indicated that HE has brought lots of manufacturing back into the country in his tenure. I think not. Most of the goods and a whole bunch of the food products in your favorite store are still brought in from some foreign country that hates the US. Ever wonder what they’re putting in your canned corn beef hash from Brazil?

One candidate has indicated that if voted in as president, he/she will bring manufacturing back. The other candidate has indicated that if elected she/he will institute more of the same Obama stuff.

Which one would you prefer?

I’m pretty old, but I can still work a bit. (In retrospect, if my dad would have worked harder in his lifetime I wouldn’t have to now.) I know an 85-year-old woman who still operates a swather 10, 12 hours a day and changes her own guards and sections. I know an eighty-something man who, when the scrap metal price was high, cut up, loaded and delivered several tons of the stuff.

So I guess what I’m saying is this: in certain instances, if two people apply for a job and one is 22 and the other is 72, you’d be better off with the latter.

Me?? Well with winter just around the corner I’m looking for someone to adopt me. I don’t eat much. I’m fairly well house-broke. If you lay a saddle pad on the floor by the stove I’ll be just fine. I can fill my own water dish. I must insist on one thing that is very important however. Neutering IS NOT an option. (Although I might would considering that procedure in trade for a new set of teeth.)

That’s if for now folks. Thanks for listening.


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