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By Bonnie Davidson
Bonnie & Box Of Chocolates 

It Can Change In A Moment


To say the last few weeks have been a roller coaster is an understatement. If you've ever had a life changing moment you will understand that life is difficult. We can't control the things that come our way, but somehow we face those difficulties and keep on going.

I spent time talking to our new health department executive director, Connie Boreson, this week. She explained that she listened to a motivational speaker who used those three words, “Life is difficult.” I myself have given a few motivational speeches in my past. Most of the time I focused on failures and how they encourage us to succeed. I also had a motivational speech that focused on taking risks, utilizing those moments that make us incredibly uncomfortable to get us doing things we never thought we'd do before.

The words, “life is difficult” play on several of the things I spoke about to fellow college students struggling, teenagers getting ready to embark on life, and business associates striving for success. While those words don't sound inspiring, the reality is that it's true. If you haven't faced strife in this life, you really haven't had to overcome and you don't understand the sweet taste of success.

While my whole world has turned upside down in the last few weeks and I face obstacle after obstacle, I'm reminded that every obstacle I overcome is a success. You take each hurdle one at a time and you strive to make it. If you fall, you get back up and try again. A million doors may slam in my face, but I know that one door will open and that door could be the key to moving forward.

It seems every time difficulties strike, I always seem to remember the few good things that come with them. Sometimes it's the small things that truly make a miracle and having faith that the rest will fall into place is all we can do.

I have also learned in the last few weeks that Glasgow, and the surrounding community, knows how to come together in times of struggle. It seems that encouraging words, a hug and donations come to those who find themselves amidst a whirlwind of obstacles. Even those you may have disagreed with take a step forward and offer a hand. For the kindness of others in the community, I can't help but be not only appreciative but I'm inspired and in awe.

So I come back to the words “life is difficult.” Everyone will face their own battle. We all in one way or another fail and change is inevitable. Keeping in mind that life will be hard, that the challenge isn't only to live, but it's to overcome. You must be prepared for the phone call, accident or event that will come and change everything. You can't always prepare for fate, but you can keep your mind ready to keep a level head and deal with failure.

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