August 13, 2014 | Volume 101 / Number 33

Lawn Care, Then & Now

If you are fretting about how much time it takes to keep a lovely yard, remember when:

• Lawn mowers were push reel mowers and those really got uptown with the addition of a grass catcher.

• Rototillers for the flower bed or garden.

• All of the hoses and sprinklers you got to move from spot to spot. No underground sprinklers with automatic timers.

And when did Miracle-Gro become available? Fertilizing the lovely yard was a chore, plus you needed a farmer/rancher friend.

Then there was the plus side. Remember kids running through the sprinklers, or the showers you got just moving your sprinkler?

And all of those calories you got to burn, pushing that old reel lawn mower – didn’t need to make it to the gym for a workout. As with most things, there is a bright spot to be found in almost everything.

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