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By Fay Dowe
Letter To The Editor 

Glasgow Cemetery Ordinance Needs Public Input


Dear Editor:

The Glasgow cemetery ordinances need to be revamped, allowing those who purchase the plots to make their own choices. The problems are mainly which stones can be placed and what is allowed on the graves in the form of memorials.

The flat stone ordinance was never well received and a change is welcomed. Uprights are now being allowed and that should be all that needs to be said on the issue.

But the city likes to have control. Therefore the proposed ordinance is much of the same. Why must the city insist on having rules that will cause more hard feelings and become a legal liability once again in the future?

People should be allowed to put the stone of choice on their loved one's grave – any grave, any stone. Many may like to choose even larger, more elegant stones, such as those we see in the main part – and why not, as long as they do not infringe on another's plot? Doing so would prevent the problems we now have of sinking, overgrown flat stones.

Section 7 of the proposed ordinance mentions control over memorials, construction and improvements, which would include many articles that are placed on the graves and are presently prohibited by city ordinance. It is obvious to any who drives by at night and see the sea of solar lights that are burning, that this ordinance is being disregarded as well.

The ordinance proposed by the council needs public input. The council should hold off on the passing of this ordinance.

Faye Dowe


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