July 30, 2014 | Volume 101 / Number 31

Dennis Garsjo: Birthday Mastermind

It's an unusual talent. Some may call him a "freak," and others have used him to perform party tricks. Many of the kids who have grown up poolside will remember him as a big supporter of the Glasgow swim team, and some might also have noticed his uncanny talent to remember people by their birthdays.

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Bonnie Davidson / The Courier
Dennis Garsjo holds up a get well card sent to him after a recent surgery. Those who signed the card didn\'t sign the card with their names, they simply signed with their birth dates. Garsjo was able to go through those signatures and place the initials of each individual next to the birthday.

Dennis Garsjo might not remember your first name, but he will most likely remember your birthday after the first time meeting him. Garsjo said that he usually only uses his talents for entertainment purposes. He's memorized around 1,700 birthdays.

His technique for memorizing so many numbers i...

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