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By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Time out For Some Discipline


Do you remember some of the methods of discipline your parents used when you were a child?

I don’t remember that “time out” was in my parents' vocabulary. I remember a lot of threats like, “If I have to come up there (upstairs), you are going to be sorry!”

Of course, most of you were like my siblings and me; you knew by the tone of voice whether or not you would get warned once or twice more before action was taken.

Here's another illusion some of you may remember. I was always told that if I were put in jail for some reason, the only thing I got to eat was bread and water. Now that was a threat for someone who likes their food. Bet parents don’t use that one anymore.

Speaking of jails, how many of you can picture those small-town jails that were used? The ones we see in the old Western movies are not what I have in mind either. I wonder what they used for sanitary conditions. Maybe the “slop jar?” And that is another “Remember When.”

While some of our remembered discipline is best no longer used and forgotten, I will admit that I am still a MEAN grandma and favor a good swat when needed.

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