By Quinn Robinson
The Courier 

All Grown Up

Glasgow High Graduate Harley Eliason Sets Sights On Pro Hockey


For The Courier

Harley Eliason has remained a cowboy in the crease. Corralling up pucks left and right earned him a contract with a Tier III team in New Hampshire.

It's hockey season in Glasgow and the high school boys team is putting their gear on for another practice.

A quick glance up as the team heads out to the ice and you spot him instantly. Even without the goalie gear on, Harley Eliason is a hulking presence.

When you cross paths with him off the ice, even if he's just meeting you for the first time, you encounter a young man with a calm, collected demeanor.

Cross that same path on the ice, again if he's meeting you for the first time, you're now crossing paths with a fierce competitor. A competitor that leaves opposing coaches in awe of his...

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