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By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Also Time To Recall Family, Friends


I was reminded on Memorial Day that the day was set aside to remember and honor our veterans. It is also a day when we remember all of our deceased family and friends.

If you grew up in a small community, you also had the privilege of keeping that final resting place one of peace and beauty. What a way to keep in touch with our roots. If you take the time to wander around a community cemetery, read the headstones, straighten a bouquet or two, pull a few weeds, you will find all kinds of memories flooding your mind.

You remember the stories of the tough times our forefathers endured, the children who died so early, the mothers and fathers who passed on at early ages.

I remember and I am thankful that our ancestors were such strong people. Many of them fought in foreign wars for our right to be free, and many of the others served in a different way, by working the soil and providing labor to keep our country operating so that brothers and fathers who survived these wars would, and did, have homes, farms and jobs to come home to

If you do stroll among your ancestors, do you ever wonder about some of the large ornate headstones of that early era? I speculate that these lovely marble and granite memorials must have been shipped in, maybe by train and at great expense.

Then you will notice the simple wooden crosses and also notice the unmarked graves. I am going to cross the line a little bit here to comment on the work done by persons unknown to me who took the time and effort to replace so many of the broken and tattered crosses in the Opheim cemetery. This had to be done by a very special person or group of persons as these crosses are made of boxed iron, all cut to the same size, welded and painted.

Most cemeteries have a veterans section. When I visit these cemeteries and see all of the white crosses and flags, it is truly a heartfelt moment. And just a reminder – Nov. 11 is a time when we express our appreciation and thanks to those who have or are still serving our great country.

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