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By Bonnie Davidson
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It's A Small World

What Happens In Vegas...Can Reach Glasgow


A couple walks up to a counter at a large hotel in Las Vegas, they look at the guy behind the counter and explain they are ready to check in. He explains he'll be back in a moment to help them.

Meanwhile, the young lady explains she's off to the restroom. While she's gone, another man walks up to the counter and stands next to him. Another employee walks up to the two gentleman and asks if they are ready to check in. An interesting glance takes place between the two, which gets a chuckle most likely from the audience watching to commercial.

So what does this commercial have to do with Glasgow?

Have you ever run into someone who had some sort of connection to your past, or to people you know? When it happens you can't help thinking the cliché phrase, “It's a small world.”

School board member Patt Etchart went to the usual school board meeting. We sat and listened to the updates on how the school projects were going from architect Steve L'Heureaux. While the two sat at the board meeting, there was some excitement probably in the back of their minds. Etchart's daughter, Alexa Etchart, and L'Heureaux's son, Timmy L'Heureaux, were in the middle of filming a commercial in Las Vegas.

While Pat and Steve had no idea that their kids were together, they found out a few weeks later. Timmy was featured in a column in the Great Falls Tribune for his commercial in Las Vegas. Etchart saw the column and picked up the phone to call Steve. She realized that their kids were in the same commercial – the same night they were in a board meeting in Glasgow.

The two Montana actors had never met each other before filming the commercial. They both went to different colleges in Montana, and they also moved to the Los Angeles area looking for work in acting.

Patt Etchart explained that it was just kind of an interesting to find out that two Montana actors made it into a commercial in Vegas, while their parents met together at a meeting in Glasgow.

I had a brief encounter this past week. Someone here in Glasgow, Montana, finally knew where Payette, Idaho was. That's where most of my family is, and where I spent a lot of my youth. It's one of the places I call home. While she couldn't remember the family names, she thought they sounded familiar and she very well could have taught some of my relatives.

Sometimes having that connection is not only a great conversation, but it's a great reminder that somewhere a connection to your roots could be out there. If you believe in the six degrees of separation theory, you might believe that everyone and everything is six or few steps away, by way of introduction. That theory has been argued against, and considered an urban myth.

I might not necessarily think that exactly six steps connect us in some way, but I do believe that we are all connected in many ways.

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