Extremely Interested With Mr. Bundy In Nevada


Dear Editor:

Since one third of Valley County is controlled by the Bureau of Land Management, I am extremely interested in the happenings with Mr. Bundy in Nevada.

Putting aside the big issue of Federal verses State, my concern is the force being used by BLM. Why does a “Land Management” agency have a SWAT team with snipers and armored vehicles at all? Other federal agencies are also arming in the same manner. Every county in the U.S. has an elected sheriff whose responsibility is to enforce the law.

Why have states and “us” as tax payers ignored and allowed this federal takeover of our country? I sense we are seeing Americans realizing what has happened and are saying enough. Even at our county level, we need to look at our actions as well to make sure we do not overstep our duties.

Dave Reinhardt

Valley County Commissioner



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