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Fairy Magic Comes To Glasgow

To A Special Little Girl, Kasey Seyfert Is Much More Than A Tough Scottie Wrestler


Bonnie Davidson / The Courier

Kasey Seyfert, an up and coming GHS wrestler, means an awful lot to this little girl, Avery Anderson. Because of him, she believes in the magic of fairies more than ever.

The magic of childhood is a little short lived at times. Luckily good deeds can sometimes make the magic last a little bit longer. One lucky girl got a note that will make her believe in fairies for just a little bit longer.

Avery Anderson is an autistic 10-year old girl who was struggling with a big change. Her family moved away from Glasgow last week. Change can be hard for all of us, but for those who suffer from autism, change can be extremely difficult. Lynn Anderson explained that her daughter, Avery, was worried about the Glasgow fairies left behind would be lost to her forever.

They made a visit to her favorite park in town, Centennial Park, where she left a little note on a piece of pink paper.

"Hello fairies its. (sic) Avery Im moving to Billings its [address] i'll be here also come to my birthday June 16 from Avery P.S. Do you make wishes"

She left the note under a tree and went back home to finish packing and getting ready for the move. The note was left on Monday, April 14. It was that afternoon that someone unexpectedly found the note. Lynn explained that she didn't think anything of the note left behind.

Two ninth-grade boys playing frisbee in the park last week ended up finding the bright pink piece of paper under a tree. Kasey Seyfert read the note and decided to reply back to her message. There wasn't a lot of thought involved, he didn't even think the note would be picked back up.

"I thought it was cute and funny," Seyfert said.

While the response was tough to read because the ink was running low, the reply was something that Avery will probably never forget. He told her that he was "Kasey the fairy" and he was sorry he couldn't make it to her birthday. He explained that a fairy meeting was taking place that day but he wished her a fun birthday. He said that he would probably meet other fairies in Billings, there are apparently lots of them in that area.

He placed the note back under the tree and they left the park. Avery, anxious to see if any special fairies would reply to her note, told her mom she wanted to go back to the park to check. Lynn said that she couldn't explain the joy her daughter felt. She came home bouncing up and down about Kasey the fairy answering her letter.

"To Avery, they (fairies) are really real," Lynn said. "I didn't expect it, she's absolutely thrilled. It's one of the best things that could have ever happened."

Lynn explained that fairies are sometimes used in school as a tool to help her get through difficult situations. She also said that now Avery believes that fairies take care of you and wishes are sometimes granted.

Lynn wanted to seek out and find whoever did the good deed. It was almost an quiet answer to silent prayers. She posted a photo of the note on Facebook, on the Glasgow yard sale page. She hoped that someone might know who could have possibly answered. That's when Jamie Seyfert, Kasey's mom, saw the post. She didn't read the post fully right away, she only spotted the name Kasey and the name of the park.

"I thought, oh my God, what did he do?" Jamie said. "I asked him if he had responded to a letter and he came out of his room smiling. That's when I knew he wasn't in trouble."

He explained how they found the note and he answered. She was touched that her son did something that made such a positive impact. Jamie contacted Lynn and let her know who "Kasey the fairy" was. Lynn said that the good deed brought tears to her eyes. Kasey who is on the wrestling team, plays baseball and participates in cross country. His dad, Eric Seyfert, explained that he's a good hearted kid.

Word spread quickly as the image on Facebook was viewed and commented on multiple times. Hundreds of people around Glasgow saw the note left behind for the 10-year old girl who just needed to hear some reassurance.

Lynn and Jamie have continued to contact and Kasey hopes to send Avery a birthday card in June, along with a book about fairies. Kasey said that he hadn't experienced any negative effects at school. He actually received many positive comments on his good deed.

Avery and her family moved to Billings just days later, and Lynn said that the note will be framed and saved. The small action from Kasey will have lasting effects in one girl's life.


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