By Sandy Laumeyer
Just A Thought 

The Promise Of Easter


Easter is almost upon us. As I read of several different ways to dye Easter eggs, my mind drifted back to Easter when I was growing up.

Children were up just as early on Easter Sunday as they were on Christmas morning because they just knew that the Easter bunny had left sweet treats all over the house, but they had to find them. It was always a race to see who could find the most candy.

However, the rule was only one or two pieces of candy could be eaten before breakfast. It was so hard to see the container that held what had just been found and not be able to indulge to your heart’s content.

After breakfast it was time to get ready to go to church. Oh what a sight awaited inside the church.

The fragrance of pure white lilies wafted through the church. All the stained glass windows were ablaze in glorious color from the sunshine that poured through them.

A virtual rainbow was seen in the colorful attire of the ladies and young girls. In those days, all the ladies and girls wore hats and gloves to church. But on Easter Sunday, every woman’s hat, dress, coat, gloves, purse and shoes matched. The gentlemen and young boys all wore suits, white shirts, ties, and shoes that had been polished to a mirror shine.

Once the church service was over, people returned to their homes that were redolent with the smell of ham baking. The dinner table would be covered with dishes of mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, sweet potatoes, ham and colorful eggs. Dessert was a special treat – pie topped with whipped cream.

The afternoon was spent going to the homes of friends for a visit or hosting friends in your home.

As I look back on the Easter Sundays of my childhood, I still can feel their excitement, joy, and warmth. The whole world seemed to be bathed in a bright, healing light.

Easter still holds a deep meaning for me. At church, as I lift my voice in song along with the congregation, the memory of the Easters of my childhood drift through my mind and give me cause to smile.

And once more I feel the day’s promise fill my heart.


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