By Gwen Cornwell
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Good Question: Where Was Pharmacy Counter?


Yes, my face is RED.

As I typed up my article on Cory’s last week, I had this thought nagging at me. Just where was the pharmacy counter? Since this was not a drug store, rather a confectionary, I should have heeded that nagging thought. So, all of you great readers, I do apologize and I stand corrected. For you that called to correct me, I am grateful.

The upside of my error was a lot of information that I did not know. Cory’s made some of their (maybe all) candy in the basement of their store. I understand that the light taffy made there was a real treat, and if you were so inclined, you could buy a dime’s worth of taffy before taking in a Saturday matinee and it would last you the entire show. Remember – the show only cost 10-12 cents. What an afternoon and all for less than a quarter. Many readers mentioned their particular favorites there, ranging from the great taffy to Green Rivers.

Cory’s also featured magazines, comics and up-to-date newspapers. The current newspapers must have come by train overnight. No TV then, so a current newspaper was no doubt a real treat for the adults who liked to keep up with the outside world.

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