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By Virgil Vaupel
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Congress: Prove You'll Use My Two Loaves Of Bread Wisely


A while back our illustrious government suggested to American military and other government workers that they should give up 1% of their retirement checks so “We can balance the budget, pay off the national debt and save the nation.”

I’m thinking, now where have I heard THAT before? Oh, yeah. I remember now … I’ve heard it before every national election since George Washington was selected to run the country.

I’m sick to death of hearing the same rhetoric for the past 225 years and seeing absolutely nothing being done.

I rely mostly on Social Security for my daily bread and would gladly give up 1% (or two loaves of bread) if the government were to use the money correctly.

The government told us by taking away 1 percent of military and other government pensions that it would “save 60 billion dollars.”

See, the government loves to inflate the dollar figure ‘cause it makes it sound like a ton of money but then they add, “Over the next 10 years.” I’m suspicious of anything government, so I can figure out that’s just $6 billion a year. Doesn’t sound like a whole lot that way does it?

I might be wrong, but I don’t think there are over a dozen military retirees in this entire nation who would be financially devastated by a 1% cut in their retirement check.

Now hold on a minute there, Colonel! Hold on! Stand down and hear me out!

I might be right when I say there aren’t a dozen military retirees in this whole nation who would object to a 1% cut in their checks IF the 1% went to the right places.

And those places DO NOT include a bazillion American dollars to China for the prevention of venereal disease and AIDS.

Or $92 billion yearly to companies like Archer Daniels Midland, ConAgra, Monsanto, Boise Cascade, Pfizer, Eli Lily and that list goes on ad nauseam.

Or hundreds of billions of dollars doled out freely and without question to illegal aliens for medical treatment, hospital care, most pharmaceuticals and a myriad other amenities and necessities that aren’t even being offered to our wounded American soldiers.

Congress gives billions to just about any government agency that comes asking and gives it without any checks and balances, i.e., Agency X requests $400 million. The House and Senate are not required to ask, “What’s this money for, and who is going to get it and why are you requesting it in the first place?” They just hand it out.

Agency X (a panel of maybe eight people) then has free rein to dole out this cash to almost anyone who comes begging. I guess you could say there are checks but no balances.

If our people in Washington, D.C., would show a little restraint and start dealing with Americans FIRST, We the People wouldn’t have such a problem with giving back a little. But they seem to see the U.S. taxpayer as a perpetually full barrel of money they can dip into anytime they wish and for any reason they can conjure up.

It Has To Stop.

So, to the 535 people who dole out the cash and mismanage the country, I say to you all: You can have my two loaves of bread if you can show me you will use it wisely. If you are going to make cuts, be sure the savings go toward retiring our national debt, not to enhance some Third World dictator’s retirement package.

My grandkids are in debt to the tune of well over $30,000 before they are out of diapers.

It’s my fault. It’s the fault of every parent in this country. It’s the fault of every voter at the polls. We can’t put all the blame on those self-serving folks we elected. It’s our fault they are in office.

I say the following to the Dirty 535:

Make a few cuts in YOUR checks and benefits and retirement packages. Put pen to paper and sign up for Obamacare if you dare. What’s “good” for the general American public should be “good” for you as well now, shouldn’t it? Show We The People that you are serious about doing the right thing for our grandchildren.

That’s it for now, folks. Thanks for listening.

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