By Bonnie Davidson
The Courier 

Billing Problems For Refuse Board


The Valley County Refuse Board is facing a little pressure after discovering that T&R Trucking, which picks up trash in the county, hadn’t been billed for nine months.

Minutes from their meeting in January include a discussion of some financial problems the board faces. Dan Carney, chairman of the board, explained that the previous bookkeeper hadn’t been doing the job, and the billing fell behind.

“Our board meets one hour, one time a month,” he said. “The commissioners, the auditors and the treasurer office looked at it and no one said anything.”

Mileage pay also hadn’t gone out to board members, and money for tire shredding hadn’t been collected. Of two credit cards for the refuse board, one was unaccounted for. The biggest issue was that T&R Trucking hadn’t received a bill for more than nine months.

The board voted to allow the company to pay off the amount over time. Carney added that the company has done a lot for the community, so the decision to allow them time to pay it off came easy.

T&R Trucking will make four payments to get the bills up to date. The firm already has paid their first installment. The vote allowed T&R Trucking until the end of June to pay off the bills that hadn’t been sent out. According to the minutes, accounts receivable showed they had not been billed for over a year.

Past revenues could be a difficult task to collect, but Carney said the board has a new bookkeeper and is trying to get the money back in order and things caught up.

“It’s a sad situation, but unfortunately we learn these things when it’s too late,” Carney said. “We’re handling it and taking care of it as quickly as possible.”


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