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By Sandy Laumeyer
Just A Thought 

I Need To Write About This


As I was thinking about my column for this week, I decided that there have been some things happen lately that need to be written about. So here goes.

The past few weeks, I’ve attended and taken part in several fundraisers to help local residents. Each time I was amazed and overwhelmed by the generosity that was shown. Once again, I’ve witnessed how Montanans come together when there is a great need.

I was reminded of the time when I was in England and asked what size of town I live in. My reply was that I don’t feel I live in a town -- I feel it’s more like a big overgrown family. And the last few weeks have shown that family members cannot be numbered.

Although there is no way for those receiving much needed financial assistance to ever know who and how many people came to their aid, it is enough to know that neighbors still help neighbors and that they live in a truly compassionate, caring neighborhood.

Friday night was senior night at the Nashua home basketball games. The glow of love and pride on the faces of family members who escorted their senior athlete to the gym floor was brighter than any spotlight could be. It was also very clear that the soon-to-be graduates were deeply appreciative of all the support they’ve received from their community.

Tears and hugs were shared as two boys on the varsity team were honored when a teammate presented them with a star quilt.

The Por-Q-Bots, Nashua School’s Lego First team, has plans to go to California to be competitors at LegoLand. In order for this to happen, the team has to raise funds. The outpouring of support for these students was overwhelming as people purchased baked goods.

Saturday morning, I went to a special basketball game. The third and fourth grade students in the Nashua School who wanted to learn to play basketball had an intramural game. Some of the varsity basketball girls’ and boys’ team members coached the youngsters and refereed the game.

Actually, I’m not quite sure who had the most fun -- the varsity team or the up-and-coming new all star players. My funny bone was tickled by a couple of the varsity boys yelling at the ref in an imitation of coaches.

Loud cheers and whistles were heard every time a basket or free throw was made. And their shouts of encouragement -- Go for it! Shoot! Good steal! Way to go! Every now and then I caught the flash of a camera and even saw several people filming the game with their video cameras.

It was refreshing to see how the high school basketball teams reached out to help the young children who dream of becoming great athletes and perhaps even setting a new record.

Whoever it was that put together the Valentine’s party at the Nashua Senior Citizen Center on Saturday is to be commended. I’m sure that all who attended enjoyed the afternoon. As always, the array of food provided by the ones who made the soups and brought by those who came to the party was admirable. I doubt there was anyone whose taste buds weren’t pleased by the selection offered. But more importantly was knowing you were among people who truly care about others.

In the hustle and bustle of today’s busy world, there are bright spots that cannot be overshadowed by all the things people feel they must be doing. And all that is required to see them is to stop hurrying along.


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