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By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Stranded For Days At GHS--And No Media Coverage


Recent news reports have included the major snow in the Eastern states and the hardship some children had to endure by spending the night at school, sleeping on hard floors.

I think there are a couple of gentlemen in our area that may have a hard time sympathizing with those kids.

One of the aforementioned gentlemen told me of a time in the ‘30s (maybe about 1936) when two Glasgow buses were unable to make the routes home, leaving these kids stranded at the high school. (Many of you will remember it as the old junior high building.)

This was not just an overnight storm, but one that left roads blocked for some time, causing these kids to spend more than just a day or two at the school. There were ladies who came in to cook for them, probably volunteers and maybe taking turns, but details like clean clothes, etc., apparently were not important enough to be remembered.

I was assured that the boys slept in one room and the girls in another. My mind goes on to what these young country kids did for entertainment in the evening. I doubt they spent extra time on homework.

Do you suppose the “city lights” got the best of some of the older kids? After all, these were “country kids.” I can imagine slipping out after the little ones went to sleep to see what happens in town at night.

We will leave that to the imagination, as this did take place in the 30s. Bet there wasn’t any media coverage of the event!

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