By Emily Wilson
Glasgow Library Director 

Seek And You Shall Find Your Favorite Author


Do you feel that you have read all the books by your favorite author that are available at the Glasgow library? Well, maybe you have, but maybe there are more than first meets the eye.

Many of our popular authors can be found in several areas of the library. We have James Patterson, Lee Child, Debbie Macomber, Janet Evanovich and other popular authors in hardback, paperback, large print and on CD.

Still not sure if you have found them all? You can check our card catalog available from our website at or at the card catalog computer in the library. Still not sure? Just ask us, and we will be happy to assist.

We also have a wealth of E-books and audio books available via the internet. Again, our website resource page provides the necessary links. Don’t have an E-book reader? We can help there also by loaning you a Nook.

If that book you are looking for still eludes you, we will be happy to request it from another library in our area, state, region or country. Have a well-read day!


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