February 5, 2014 | Volume 101 / Number 6

Welcome To The Big T-Rex State

Motorists driving into Montana from Canada, 10 miles north of Opheim, will be greeted by a brand new highway sign in the spring.

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Janet Bailey / The Courier
In this part of the state, including the Port of Opheim, this guy will adorn road signs welcoming motorists to Montana.

The old signs welcoming visitors to Montana, which feature a big blue circle in the center with mountains in the background, were designed in the 1980s and will be replaced. The new signs, unveiled recently in Helena, will incorporate newer technology allowing for the inclusion of photographs.

The sign coming to near the Opheim Port of Entry will feature a T-Rex – or specifically an image of a Tyrannosaurus rex skull. Images of wildlife and scenery will be on...

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