February 5, 2014 | Volume 101 / Number 6

Nashua To Give 4-Day School Week A Close Look

Board Votes 4-1, To Examine Options

Whether the Nashua School have a four-day or a five-day school week was first addressed two years ago. But because of the superintendent at that time leaving and a new superintendent coming in, the board voted to table the issue.

Last fall, the current school board decided to revisit changing to a four-day week. Board members did lengthy research and held public meetings to receive input from parents and teachers.

At the school board meeting Tuesday night, a motion was made that the board have the ability to explore and adopt a four-day or modified four-day school week. A facet of the motion was that changing to a four-day week is contingent on several factors. The first is successful development of a school calendar. The second is successful negotiations between union and non-union staff.

The vote on the motion was 4 to 1 with board members Brenda Koessl, Ryan Williams, Dale Pugh and Cole Sibley voting for it and Joe Laumeyer voting against it.

An example of a modified four-day school week would be one in which there are 10 weeks out of the school year that would be five-day weeks.

Whether a four-day school week at Nashua will actually transpire remains to be seen. For now, the board has decided to delve much more deeply into the possible change.

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