January 29, 2014 | Volume 101 / Number 5

Start A Propane Firestorm

The past few days I have been besieged by phone calls on the price increase of propane. This past weekend this  increase has been on the national news as well. There are many reasons for this terrible price hike and I am sure you have heard them all. 

But this cannot continue. 

I would urge you to call the governor’s office and our congressional delegation (see contact information below) to put pressure on the powers that be to roll back this intolerable increase. 

Is there  price gouging going on? I do not know, but one could sure jump to that conclusion.

Gov. Steve Bullock

406-444 3111 – Helena

 406-444 5529 – fax

855 318 1330 toll freee



Congressman Steve Daines

202-225-3211 – Washington, D.C.

406 969 1736 – Billings


Sen. Max Baucus

800-332-6106 – Washington

202-224-9412 – fax

406-657-6790 – Billings


Sen. Jon Tester

202-224-2644 or 866-554-4403 – Washington

202-224-8594 – fax

406-252-0550 – Billings


This propane situation, in my mind, is a result of anti natural resource development laws, rules and regulations that have been put in place. Examples of this are no refineries being built since the mid 1970s and the continued delaying of the XL pipeline.

I would hope we citizens will start a firestorm with our elected officials to reverse these terrible laws and regulations.

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