By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Living That Healthy Life During Our Ice Age


Those couple of windy springlike days that we had made our creek run and spread a lot of water over the hay meadow, which is now a sheet of ice.

Made me think of all of the impromptu ice skating parties we had. Do you remember 4-H groups or just individuals getting together for a day of outside recreation and camaraderie?

A lot of us kids had the luxury of frozen creeks or springs.

You may have gotten to walk a mile or so, but that was common. You could skate one way for maybe a mile before turning around. The organized skating parties usually took place on a larger water way, like a pond or reservoir and we had the warmth of a fire built at the edge of the ice.

Hot dogs, marshmallows, and hot chocolate were usually provided. We did dangerous things like “Pop the Whip,” tag or maybe played unorganized hockey, using a beer can or even cow chip for the puck.

Remember when most skates were hockey skates? What a thrill when you actually acquired a pair of figure skates.

I remember lots of cold fingers, toes and noses, but no serious accidents. I also remember trekking a mile or so back to town after an afternoon of skating. Maybe that is why we are seeing so many of our locals enjoying life into their 90s and more. They lived that healthy life without even knowing it.

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