January 29, 2014 | Volume 101 / Number 5

Lindeen Visiting Next Week To Talk Obamacare

Montana Insurance Commissioner Monica J. Lindeen is launching an outreach tour to explain Obamacare to Montanans and answer their questions.

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And she’s bringing to to Glasgow.

The presentation, which Lindeen will make in Glasgow, is being hosted locally by Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital. The meeting will take place on 10 a.m. Friday, Feb. 7 in the conference room at FMDH, 621 3rd St. S.

“Montanans want real information, not spin,” Lindeen said. “I don’t have a dog in the Obamacare fight. I just want Montanans to know how it works so they can make the best choice possible for them...

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