January 29, 2014 | Volume 101 / Number 5

Children's Museum: It's Growing Up

Romie Zumbuhl, age 4, spent time at looking at discovery tubes. She climbed into a tree house and observed a turtle in an aquarium. She spent much of her time exploring other worlds, a post office, a pizza parlor and a vet clinic. All places where she could be the boss and run the show.

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Bonnie Davidson / The Courier
Romie Zumbuhl, age 4, plays at a table full of magnets with her brother, George Zumbuhl, 18 months, and her mother Jamie Zumbuhl, at the Children\'s Museum of Northeast Montana in Glasgow on a Saturday afternoon. While the children spend time playing they are actually learning – one of the goals set by the museum board.

What Zumbuhl may not have realized is that she was learning about the world while playing. Her younger brother George, only 18 months old, also spent time exploring different play stations that were covered with different shapes, sizes and colors. It was a fun and fascinating way to spend a Saturday afterno...

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