By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Bobcats and Rabbit Drives


I read in “Yesterday’s Courier Memories” that paid “bounty” hunters in Valley County killed 228 coyotes 79 years ago, as well as a bobcat or two.

I remember seeing a couple of bobcats in our area (not 79 years ago, but almost), but I doubt very many area citizens have seen one.

Then there were actual rabbit drives. There were so many rabbits causing damage that drives were organized, driving the rabbits to an area like a river bend, and then they were “thinned out.”

I am sure that we have residents who can recall those events. I doubt that skinning the animals and selling hides was a prime motivation for these drives.

I do not know what season was chosen, or maybe it was a spur of the moment thing when residents just could not put up with anymore crop or garden damage. We have so few trees, and early residents worked hard to grow a tree or two around their homes, so I am sure that really upset the homemaker.

And now back to the actual rabbit drives. Remember when there were no snowmobiles or 4x4s? Were the rabbit drives done on foot or horseback? My guess in on foot. Anyone know the facts?

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