January 15, 2014 | Volume 101 / Number 3

A New Season Begins

Glasgow Junior High Basketball Starts The Year With A Win

The Glasgow junior high boys opened their basketball season traveling to the Plentywood Jamboree on Saturday, January 11.

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These boys were excited to finally have their season under way. On the roster of the eighth grade team are: Alex Fransen, Bryce Legare, Ethan Hartsock, Kevin McDonald, Justice Meland, Tanner Overby, Kyle Ross, Justin Walton, and Darrin Wersal. They are coached by Sam Brelje.

The seventh grade boys have a high turnout this year and are split into 2 teams. Glasgow Red has Jordan Billingsley, Dillon Godwin, Tayson Hoerster, Taylor Johnson, Merlin McKean, Ben Miller, and C...

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