January 8, 2014 | Volume 101 / Number 2

Seeing Double

Hinsdale Girls Basketball Win Games Over Turner And Scobey

The Turner Lady Tornadoes traveled to Hinsdale last Thursday to test their skills against the Hinsdale Lady Raiders.

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Virgil Vaupel / For The Courier
Chadaya Christensen shoots a jumper against a Turner defender.

Hinsdale put a hurtin' on the Turner, amassing 17 first quarter points while Turner could only get one point.

Hinsdale head coach Ralph Ellsworth put in his JV players for the second quarter and, playing well, they kept the lead for the next eight minutes. Hinsdale went into half leading 27-8 over Turner.

The varsity got to shine for the eight minutes following the intermission scoring 22 points while holding Turner to just 4. The JV finished the game scoring 13 points in t...

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