January 1, 2014 | Volume 101 / Number 1

Speeders Beware: Digital Traffic Signs Aid Glasgow Police

Anyone traveling west on Highway 2 may have noticed the flashing sign at the bottom of the hill coming into town. It flashes your speed if you're above the posted limit, or at one point it will flash a frowning face to those who are coming in much too quickly.

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Bonnie Davidson / The Courier
This Highway 2 traffic sign shows your speed, collects data on traffic levels and shows what times of day speeding is a problem.

The 9-inch highway sign has been there collecting data. The data in the sign is able to give law enforcement important information on traffic patterns on the highway. Glasgow Police Chief Bruce Barstad said that the Bluetooth driven data has given tpolice times to be at the bottom of the hill to keep speeds down. A new grant that cam...

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