By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

The Glasgow Christmas Tree


Do you remember when Glasgow had a community Christmas tree during the holiday season?

These lovely trees were set up on 2nd Avenue South at the 5th Street intersection for some years. These were large trees, however not so large that traffic could not flow on either side of them. I remember the lights, but do not remember that there were any other decorations on them.

When was the last year a tree was erected? Some of those old practices, such as this, are missed.

I remember the occasional trips made during the holidays. It was always a special treat for us kids to see the different decorations in each town that we drove through.

Of course, in the “good ole days” one didn’t even think about being politically correct and the decorations reflected the true meaning of Christmas.

Enjoy the season, lights and other decorations – and a MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.

Gwen welcomes your memories at 367-5582.


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