December 11, 2013 | Volume 100 / Number 50

Fire Chief Seeks New Ladder Truck; Others Differ

What started out as a request for matching funds for a new ladder truck for the Glasgow Fire Department became an argumentative discussion between city council members and Glasgow Fire Chief Brandon Brunelle.

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Bonnie Davidson / The Courier
The ladder truck received by the Glasgow Fire Department four years ago is out of service. The 1988 truck had a hydraulic failure that would cost more than $60,000 to repair and Fire Chief Brandon Brunelle said the truck is only worth $15,000-$20,000 in good condition. The department seeks approval on a grant application submitted to help replace the old ladder truck.

Brunelle had a deadline of Friday, Dec. 6, to turn in an application for a grant that would provide the city with $400,000 to purchase a new fire truck. He explained that the match for the grant would only be 5 percent, costing the city $20,000, but he was hoping to give matching funds of 7.5 percent, adding up to $30,000. He also explained to the city that he had a few other business...

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