November 27, 2013 | Volume 100 / Number 47

Hinsdale/Saco Play Like Titans

Young Ladies Win Junior High Tournament

According to Head Coach Kraig Nordahl of the Hinsdale/Saco Lady Titans, this team handles the ball well, shoots well, takes instruction well, rebounds well, defends well and fights for every point and rebound.

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Virgil Vaupel / For The Courier
She\'s got game. Hinsdale/Saco Lady Titan Casity Boucher (45) gives her all, getting some serious opening tip-off air.

Sounds like a very formidable opponent indeed, and that's what they proved to be as they put away the Opheim Lady Vikings for the 2013 junior high girls basketball championship last Friday at Hinsdale. Stay tuned for more after these words...

I must tell you a little about the boys. I was so sure they would be in the championship game that I didn't get to the gym until there were just...

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