Text Threats At Frazer Explained


Frazer Superintendent Corrina L. Guardipee-Hall recently released this statement after a situation at the school involving text message threats.

On Nov. 5, Frazer School District went into lockdown at 12 p.m. after a few of our high school students received some serious threats through text messages. Due to the nature of the threats, we contacted law enforcement, the parents of the students involved who received the threats and the school board.

Once law enforcement came on the scene, we were able to obtain information that the threat came from a phone not from Valley County or the Fort Peck Reservation. The threat did come from a student, who was in school in a different county at the time. We have received information that the student has since apologized for the threats sent to the students, saying, “It was just a joke.”

Law Enforcement and the administration have determined that our staff and students are not in any danger. Frazer School District is requesting that law enforcement pursue charges on the individual(s) who were responsible for this threat that caused our students and their parents to feel so threatened, fearing for their safety, for the school district to be in lockdown for two hours, which directly affected student learning of all our children and teacher instruction for the remainder of the day. Not only did it affect the school, but the community as well.

We wish to thank the community, staff and students of Frazer for being so patient during the lockdown. We would also like to thank the Fort Peck Tribal Police, Lt. Jim Summers, for working diligently to obtain the necessary information we needed in order to lift our lockdown and ensure our students and staff safety was paramount. We take all threats to our students and staff very seriously.


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