November 6, 2013 | Volume 100 / Number 44

Parke's Grocery

This "remember" was sent to me from a reader, former Glasgow resident Laura Knight Haefer of Billings, in response to my recent writings on grocery stores from years ago. Laura reminisces here about Parke's Grocery, which operated about 1½ blocks from Southside School:

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Laura Knight Haefer\'s father, the late Ivy Leonard Knight, took this photo of David Parke at this Parke\'s Grocery in 1957. Ivy was a fixture on The Courier staff. The Parke children are featured outside the store in a picture on page 6A.

"I remember very well growing up just three and a half blocks from our little neighborhood grocery store. Yes, Parke's Grocery was three and a half blocks from our family home at the dike. The David Parke family lived in the southern part of the building and his neighborhood grocery was in the northern end.

"Often Mot...

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