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By Sandy Laumeyer
Just A Thought 

Go Ahead, Make Your Day

Positive Or Negative? It's Up To You


The past few weeks, thoughts on many subjects have been swirling through my mind. So I decided I’d list a few of those thoughts.

A few days ago, I saw a headline that intrigued me so I checked out the article. The headline read, “Marriage isn’t for you.” Going through the article, I felt admiration for the gentleman who wrote it. He related how after meeting his wife while in high school, and their being best friends for 10 years, led to them deciding to marry. However, as their wedding day approached, he began wondering if he’d made the right decision.

So he went to his dad, explained his misgivings, and asked for advice. His dad told him that marriage isn’t for you or about you. It’s for the person you marry, about taking care of them, making them happy, standing beside them no matter what happens, defending them, protecting them. Marriage is for the children you hope to have. It’s for the life you want with the one who loves you.

A few months ago, I went into a business in search of several items I hoped to purchase. When I passed the checkout counter, a young woman asked if she could help me. I thanked her, then said I knew where to locate what it was I was looking for.

Taking the items I wanted off the shelves, I returned to the checkout counter. The young woman who had greeted me was standing in the main aisle. To my surprise she was wearing jeans that had several ragged holes in the legs.

On my way out of the store, I wondered why a person who was dealing with potential customers would dress in such a manner. Yes, I know such apparel seems to be “in style” and the “fashion,” but in my opinion it is not suitable apparel for someone who is employed in a business. Such attire reflects poorly on the individual and makes one think they have no pride in their appearance and also reflects negatively on the owners of the business that they tolerate an employee dressing in such a manner.

On different note, I’ve attended several potluck meals in the past several weeks. Afterwards, I thought how nice they were. How great it was to visit with friends, perhaps even meet new people, and enjoy the culinary delights. And just maybe discover a new recipe you like so much you want to make it for your family and friends.

Friday, Nov. 1, when I opened my Facebook page, the first message I saw was from a friend that read: “Day 1: I am grateful for ..........” I realized my friend intends to post something each day she is grateful for, ending with Thanksgiving Day. What a great idea, I thought! So I decided to join in and post what I am grateful for each day.

After finishing my post, it came to mind how nice it would be to begin each day expressing gratitude for what you have. It just might make the day go a little better.

My last thought is something my mother-in-law told me years ago – when you get up each morning, you choose how the day will be. You can choose to be positive or negative about your day and that’s the way it will go.


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